Comparative efficiency of yield and yield contributing characters in F4 Generations of Oryza sativa L.


Kamrul Islam, M. S. R. Bhuiyan, Mahbuba Jamil Tithi and Md. Maksudul Haque


The knowledge about the relative efficiency of the different breeding methods may greatly help the plant breeder in selecting a better method to be adopted in a particular crop. In the present experiment, thirteen characters were studied to find out the suitable traits for the improvement of rice yield. Plant height exhibited the highest plant height (133.9 cm) in G23 where as the minimum plant height (91.69 cm) was observed in G21. The lowest days to maturity (139.5 days) were observed in G13 and the maximum days to maturity (146.1days) was observed in G15. The highest number of effective tiller per plant (16.53) was observed in G20; whereas the minimum number of primary branches/plant (9.936) was observed in G17. The highest yield (10.26 ton/ha) was recorded in G17 and the minimum number of yield (7.281 ton/ha) was recorded in G23. The seven (7) genotypes viz. G17, G9, G16, G14, G27, G15 and G13 were selected as early high yielding Boro lines for future use. Visual selection based on the number of tillers and number of panicles per plant was very effective for increasing yield in bulk and pedigree methods. So direct selection based on these traits would be effective for improvement of these F4 materials.


Comparative Efficiency, Yield, Character, F4 Generations and Oryza sativa L.

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 4(2): 572-579. June 2020
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