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  • Alleviation of water deficit stress in lowland rice cultivated as upland rice using seed priming
Kareem. I, Ismail. M.R, Puteh. A.B, Rabileh. M.A, Belewu. M.A, Kareem. S.A, Adekola. O.F, Alasinrin. S.Y, Abdulmaliq. S.Y, Abdulkareem. K. A, Olayinka. B.U, Ayinla. A, Lawal. M.T, Fabiyi. O.A, Ahmed. O and Lawal. O.I


  • Development of Raphanus sativus L. under different water depths and organic fertilizer sources
Matheus Hofmann Trevisan, Sandra Andrea Santos da Silva and Rafael Oliveira da Silva  


  • Comparative analysis of vermicomposts with different substrates of ruminants animals using giant African earthworms
Antonio H. Cardoso do Nascimento, Tamires M. dos Santos Florentino, Manoel G. da Silva Neto, Breno L. de Carvalho Lima, Raquele M. de Lira, Walter S. Evangelista Júnior and Ananias P. de Queiroz   


  • Photosynthetic efficiency of baronesa (Eichhornia crassipes) under H2O2 concentrations to induce water desalination
Caio Cavalcanti Pinheiro and Eduardo Soares de Souza  


  • Citogenetic characterization of species Schizolobium amazonicum, Leucaena leucocephala and Azadirachta indica in soil contaminated by copper
Fernando Kidelmar Dantas de Oliveira, Enoque Medeiros Neto, Jacob Silva Souto, Ulisses Brigatto Albino and Leonardo Pessoa Félix  


  • Phytochemical Screening of Lawsiona inermis L. (UHE) And Its Antibacteria And Antifungi Properties 
Adjeroh, L.A., Nwachukwu, M.O., Abara, P.N., Azorji, J.N., Onyebuagu, P.C. and Osinomumu, I.O.


  • Phytochemical screening of Withenia somniferum L. of district charsadda, (kpk) Pakistan
Wisal, Azorji, J.N., Robeena Naz, Mian Fazli Basit, Ikramullah Khan, Abdur Rauf and Hina Muslim 


  • Value of Extension Work and Extension Education in Indian Agriculture: A review
Ganesh Das


  • Biochemical studies of different parts of Afzelia Africana Smith
Okeke Clement U, Okeke Philomena N, Iroka Finian C and Orji May E 


  • Effect of Poultry Manure and Seedling Age on the Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza Sativa l).
Danmaigoro.O., M.I.Zamfara and H. Yakubu