Effects of different fertilizer and mulching on chemical properties of soil under cabbage cultivation


Eduardo Silva dos Santos, Abelardo Antônio de Assunção Montenegro and Plínio Antônio Guerra Filho


Horticulture communal cropping in the semiarid presents a high social and economic relevance, being characterized by water shortage and low soil fertility. The objective of this study was to evaluate the different types of fertilization and use of mulch on soil chemical properties. EC, pH end RAS were measured from the soil cultivated with cabbage in a Fluvisol, and irrigated with micro sprinkler irrigation system, with daily irrigation. Treatments were arranged in a randomized block design in 4 x 2, corresponding to four sources of fertilizer (organomineral, mineral, organic manure – 20 t ha-1 of farmyard manure, and without fertilization) and two types ground cover (no mulch presence and mulching in a density of 9 t ha-1 ), with three replications. The electrical conductivity ranged from 4.31 to 2.37 dS m-1. The alkaline pH always remained independent of the treatments used.


Electrical Conductivity, Sodium Adsorption Ratio, Brassica oleraceae

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 4(1): 469-477. March 2020
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