Swine growth physiology


Luiz Eduardo Costa do Nascimento, Ana Paula Cardoso Gomide, Saimon de Souza e Souza, Livia Maria do Nascimento and Laryssa Bezerra Mascarenhas


Therefore, the aim of this literature review is to present the aspects related to the growth and development of muscle tissue and the animal as a whole, as well as to discuss the possible technical manipulations employed to improve the quantity and quality of meat produced. In recent years the pig industry has been focusing on the selection of high productivity sows, aiming at increasing the number of weaned pigs / sow / year. However, the emphasis on sow prolificity has resulted in a substantial increase in the number of piglets born / calving, having a direct effect on piglet quality, with reduced birth weight and unevenness of piglets. In addition to the quantitative aspects related to animal performance, it should be considered that the quality of the final product is also of extreme importance, being its main objective meat production, the factors that interfere in this process also deserve special attention. Small piglets reach slaughter weights lower than the heaviest ones and / or take longer days to reach their sales weight, which consequently costs the production cost.


Pig Farming, Development, Animal Production

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 3(3): 369-382. September 2019
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