Agriculture in the North and the Artic of the russian federation


Anna Sergeevna Shcherbakova


Agriculture and trade (fishery, hunting) in the Northern and Arctic territories of the Russian Federation provide the local population with quality and fresh food. The article deals with the socio-economic importance and conditions of agriculture development in those areas. Experience of the organization and management of agriculture in the foreign advanced northern countries is considered through the lens of applying the Scandinavian way of development of the agricultural sector in the Russian Federation. Based on statistical data, the trends in agriculture development in the North and the Arctic over the past fifty years are studied. The results can be used to supplement a strategy for the development of the agro-food sector of the regions forming the North and the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation (Russian Arctic).


Agriculture, Development Conditions, Food, Local Population, North, Artic.

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 3(1): 267-275. March 2019
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