Agribusiness of Pará floriculture


Dhyene Rayne S. dos SantosResultado de imagem para email icon,  Karoline A. Correia, Mailson C. Xavier, Rafaela B. Dias, Sharon R. Rodrigues and Arthur A. S. de Oliveira


This work has as general objective to make a bibliographical review on the agribusiness of floriculture in the North region with emphasis in the state of Pará, seeking to analyze the cultures of major importance, production and marketing. The Brazilian floriculture has been growing and demonstrating enormous expression in the national and international market, being considered one of the main segments of the contemporary agribusiness. The northern region is the most recent region of flower and ornamental plants in the country. The largest regional producer of flowers and ornamental plants is the state of Pará, which develops a floriculture based on the exploitation of
tropical foliage and flowers for cutting, as well as an expressive production of ornamental plants for gardening and landscaping. The municipality that has most stood out in the cultivation of flowers is Benevides, with a production of 50 thousand bundles of zinia, rose, clove, heliconia, emperor baton, among others per year.

Benevides, Flowers, Production

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 2(4): 254-260. December 2018
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