Precision irrigation in Almonds based on plant water status


Erin Kizer, Channing Ko-Madden, Kelley Drechsler, Julie Meyers, Chunxia Jiang, Ronilson de S. SantosResultado de imagem para email icon and Shrini K. Upadhyaya


The irrigation water can aid to increase yield of agricultural crop. The methods to determinate the water quantity and depth available using the conventional methods and sensors can underestimate or overestimate the water quantity that need used, because this kid of sensors considers the soil features. The objective of this study was to irrigate orchard crops based on real-time plant water status as estimated by a wireless network of these continuous leaf monitors, comparing with results obtained by grower practice, using soil moisture sensors. The irrigation system that used management in real-time resulted in 70% of the water applied compared to ET and 85% of water applied compared to grower practice which used soil moisture sensors.


Precision Irrigation, Plant Transpiration, Water Management

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 2(1): 113-116. March 2018
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