First record of predation on the psyllid Euphalerus clitoriae & Guajará by the ladybird beetle in Clitoria fairchildiana (Howard)


Mayara Petenusso and José A. GiorgiResultado de imagem para email icon


The psyllid Euphalerus clitoriae Burckhardt & Guajará is a common pest of the clitoria tree, a common urban plant in Brazil that naturally occurs in the Amazon rainforest. Here we report the occurrence of Delphastus davidsoni Gordon on clitoria trees highly infested with the psyllid E. clitoriae in the city of Altamira, Pará. This is the first record of a coccinellid predator associated with E. clitoriae. It is also one of the few records suggesting predation on psyllids by a Delphastus species.


Delphastus davidsoni, Prey Preference, Natural Enemy, Urban Tree

Amaz. Jour. of Plant Resear. 2(1): 111-112. March 2018
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